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Elementary Art Textbook Programs
Art Textbook Programs & Ancillaries
elementary art textbook program
Explorations in Art

Explorations in Art truly sets a new standard in K–6 art textbook programs, with more studios, more art images, more art criticism based on images—both fine art and student artwork—and more student artwork than any other K–6 art textbook program.
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Out-of-School Time Art Program
Creative Minds—Out of School

Creative Minds—Out of School is an exciting new program created to engage K–5 children in high-quality art exploration and art-making in afterschool and out-of-school time settings. Each lesson is developed to strengthen arts-based, inquiry-based teaching skills and be easily used by educators, regardless of their previous art experience.
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Resource Books
Elementary Art Resource Books
Elementary Resource Books

Everything you need to teach basic concepts and techniques while nurturing creativity through experimentation, reflection, and exploration.
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