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Experience Printmaking
high school
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Art Textbook Program & Ancillaries
Experience Printmaking
For Beginning Students and Experienced Printmakers
By Donna Anderson
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Experience Printmaking high school art studio book

Program components:
•  Student Book
•  Teacher’s Edition
•  Digital Images: Deluxe Set (116 images)
•  Digital Images: Basic Set (50 images)
•  Studio Support Masters
•  Assessment Masters
•  Vocabulary Masters and Art & Artist Profiles
•  Overhead Transparencies (Set of 12)
This complete program explores the four different processes of printmaking: relief, intaglio, planography, and serigraphy. Each chapter relates the rich history of printmaking processes to studios designed to benefit the beginning student as well as challenge the advanced student. This high school text, full of stunning examples of prints from the past and present, emphasizes students’ knowledge of elements and principles and puts it into practice. The many aspects of planning a print, creating an edition, and even making a process book are described in depth.

Highlights include:
•  Step-by-step instruction for each method of printmaking
•  Career profiles of contemporary printmakers
•  Print planning stages using art history references
•  Safety notes

Table of Contents
Chapter 1: What Is Printmaking?
Chapter 2: The Art of Printmaking
Chapter 3: Basic Relief
Chapter 4: Color in Relief
Chapter 5: Intaglio
Chapter 6: Lithography
Chapter 7: Monotype
Chapter 8: Silkscreen
Chapter 9: Mixed Methods and New Directions
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