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Careers in Art: An Illustrated Guide

Considering a career in the arts? What kinds of jobs are available? What personal qualities will you need to succeed? Where can you get the necessary training? How do you get your foot in the door? You'll find these answers and more in Careers in Art. 256 pages

Table of Contents
Introduction: Preparing for a Career in Art and Design
What about an Art Career?
Part One
Environmental Design
Interior and Display Design
Part Two
Designing for Communication
Graphic Design
Publications Design and Illustration
Part Three
Product and Fashion
Industrial Design
Fashion Design
Part Four
Entertainment Design
Film, TV, Multimedia
Theater and Stage Design
Part Five
Cultural Growth and Enrichment
Fine Art
Art Education
Art Museums
Art Publications
Part Six
Art Services
A Variety of Services
Further Reading
Professional Societies and Organizations
Web Sites
Colleges and Art Schools

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