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Puppets and Masks: Stagecraft and Storytelling

By Nan Rump

It won’t take long to realize you’d be crazy not to take advantage of the instructional opportunities afforded by incorporating storytelling arts into your elementary classroom. Especially with this easy-to-follow guide for turning simple materials into elaborate puppets and sets.

192 pp.,121 ill. Spiral bound

Table of Contents
Part I: Am I Crazy to Do This
1. Getting Started
Part II: Puppets and Masks
2. Small- to Medium-Size Puppets
3. Large Puppets
4. Simple Masks
Part III: Setting the Stage
5. What Was That Blurry Thing
6. Scenery in Motion
7. Stages for Storytelling
8. Sound Effects
Part IV: Opening Night
9. On with the Show
10. Creating a Story from Scratch

Tags: puppets, masks, stagecraft, storytelling
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