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Engaging Visual Culture
professional development
Resource Book
Differentiated Instruction in Art
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Engaging Visual Culture
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Differentiated Instruction in Art
By Heather Fountain
Engage all your students in meaningful learning, all the time.

Some students are visual learners; others may be kinesthetic, analytical, mathematical, musical, or a combination of several categories. How can art teachers hope to reach each one?

In this book, Heather Fountain explores the origins of Differentiated Instruction and provides detailed explanations of the benefits of this well-researched approach to teaching. Using clear, direct language and examples from real classrooms and her own considerable experience, the author guides readers through the necessary background, into curriculum development and implementation, and right through to making DI a resounding success, both in the art classroom and in the wider school community.

  • Reproducible worksheets, pre-assessments, charts, and other support materials
  • Concrete lesson examples
  • Explanations of related theories and vocabulary
  • Curriculum development support
  • Testimonials from committed DI teachers
  • Classroom management tips
  • Student art examples

Table of Contents

  1. What is Differentiated Instruction?
  2. History and Foundations
  3. Why Teach This Way?
  4. One Teacher, Many Roles
  5. Getting Started
  6. Curriculum
  7. Differentiated Instruction in Action
  8. Tips for Success

Available individually or as part of the Art Education in Practice Series.

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