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using digital images in the k–12 classroom

Digital images are quickly becoming the preferred way to present fine art images in the classroom. Whether using computers or an overhead projector, Davis digital images are a versatile way to present primary source material.

Here are just a few of the benefits of using Davis digital images in your classroom:
  • Show images in a presentation or classroom discussion
  • Encourage students to explore a variety of cultures and time periods
  • Supplement the images in a textbook or lesson to help students better understand a concept
  • Inspire the creative process
  • Make connections to art across curriculum

With digital images, multiple teachers can access primary source materials at the same time. Art images from around the world can be used throughout your school.
  • Art and Art History
  • Social Studies
  • Language Arts
  • Foreign Language
  • Religious Studies
Information on Using Digital Images:

Digital Images in the Classroom
Online Resources

Digital Images in the Classroom

Getting Started
In the Artroom
Across Curriculum
Making Images Available to the Entire School

Getting Started
Digital images can be viewed on a computer screen or projected using an LCD projector. There are several programs with which you can display digital images. Some will simply show the image, such as a Web browser or image viewer. Other programs allow you to create presentations with text and effects.

Here are just a few options:
  • Davis Digital - tag, present, and share your Davis images. Click here to learn more.
  • Web Browser - open the image file using the web browser of your choice
  • Windows Picture and Fax Viewer - arrange image files and display them in slide shows
  • Apple Preview - display images at full screen size
  • Adobe Acrobat - select image files to import, arrange order, and display at full screen view
  • PowerPoint - create presentations with text and special effects
Images can also be viewed directly from CD or DVD on a televison monitor using a DVD player. Images are formated to be viewed via computer screen or projector, so some adjustments to your television display settings may be necessary.

In the Artroom
Listed below are just a few ideas to help you start incorporating digital images into your lessons.
  • Show examples of artwork discussed in a lesson when you cannot go to the museum
  • Use images as preparation or review for museum field trips
  • Start classroom discussions about a work of art, building, time period, or culture
  • Teach students the elements and principles of design
  • Supplement the images in a textbook
  • Lead into art lessons and projects with fine art examples
  • Reinforce critical thinking skills by analyzing images in independent and group study projects
  • Assess student ability to describe, analyze, interpret, and evaluate images
Across Curriculum

Social Studies
  • Make connections to time periods and cultures the world over
  • Visit landmarks and historical sites without leaving the classroom
  • Illustrate American and World history lessons with memorable images

Language Arts
  • Reinforce vocabulary with memorable visual references
  • Illustrate the setting or time period of a text
  • Use as inspiration for writing and story telling to encourage student creative thinking and language skills

Foreign Languages
  • Make connections to cultures and people through art
  • See major architectural sites, cities, and landmarks
  • Learn about the history of countries and cultures through art and architecture
Religious Studies
  • Illustrate a text
  • Show religious interpretations throughout history
  • Visit important religious sites the world over without leaving the classroom
Making Images Available to the Entire School
  • Order images on Davis Digital and each teacher in your school can access images with personal accounts. Add customized tags, create instant web-based slide shows, and share images with students. Click here to learn more.
  • An image management — Digital Asset Management (DAM) — database can be helpful when housing images on a school or district secure network. Multiple teachers can search and view images within the system without worrying about an image’s availability.
  • Use the image information provided with each Davis digital image to ensure that teachers can search for and find what they need. Schools and districts may choose to add additional information to customize their searches, such as keywords. Guidelines for use of the images as outlined in the Digital Licensing Agreement can also be included.
  • Software and DAM options are listed in the Online Resources section below.
Online Resources:
Learn more about using digital images with these helpful links.

PowerPoint How-To-Guides
Software and DAM System Options
Valuable Digital Information
Additional Resources

PowerPoint How-to-Guides
Use the links below to find Web sites for PowerPoint® presentations, how-to-guides, and teaching samples to download.

TASI - Technical Advisory Services for Images
Information on importing images into PowerPoint presentations

Education World: The Educator’s Best Friend
Use the search feature to look for PowerPoint related articles. Includes step-by-step instructions and tips for integrating PowerPoint into lessons.

Vicki Blackwells Internet Guide for Educators: PowerPoint� Templates
PowerPoint lesson ideas, step-by-step instructions, templates, and links

Microsoft� PowerPoint
Software information

Software and DAM System Options
Use the following links to find information on managing image collections and presenting images.

iLife® from Apple®
Organize image collections and create slide shows. For use with Macintosh computers.

Manage and search image collection information.

Share resources within a school district.

Luna-Insight, Inc.®
Manage and search image collections, create presentations, and control who can access images.

EmbARK® by Gallery Systems®
Manage and search image collections.

Canto® Cumulus®
Manage, search, and present image collections.

Manage, search, and present image collections.

IView Media Pro®
Manage, search, and present image collections.

Extensis® Portfolio®
Manage and search image collections.

Valuable Digital Information

TASI - Technical Advisory Services for Images
Find advice on displaying and using digital images, as well as handling metadata.

Additional Resources

Art Education 2.0: Using New Technologies in Art Classrooms
A community of art educators interested in exploring applications of new technologies in their classrooms. Developed by Craig Roland, author of The Art Teacher’s Guide to the Internet.

The Media and Technology Specialists’ Guide to Electronic Tools and Resources for K–12 Education
Read articles, research, and reviews about digital technology across curriculum.

Art:21 Teaching with Contemporary Art Blog
Ideas for teaching with the artists featured in the PBS series Art:21 - Art in the 21st Century. Digital images of work by artists featured in Art:21 are available through Davis Art Images.

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