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Fine Art Digital Image Sets Looking and Learning
SchoolArts magazine’s new feature
Looking & Learning
Additional Images
Fine Art Images for the K–12 Classroom
Extend the artwork in SchoolArts magazine’s all-new Looking and Learning feature. Davis Art Images is offering additional images* to support the concepts introduced in the magazine.

Bring the world of fine art to your students with brilliant digital images. Davis Art Images works directly with museums, artists, and photographers to offer the highest quality images available. Images from throughout history and around the world support lessons in a variety of subjects, including art, art appreciation, history, social studies, and more.

A new set of images is available each month. The images reflect to the theme of the magazine and the artists featured in Looking and Learning.

Each set contains:
10 JPEG images delivered in 3 convenient sizes:*

* Projection - Display images for the entire class
* Screen - View images on computer screens
* Thumbnail - Easily browse available images

Set of 10 images = $60.00

Images are delivered on CD and can be easily displayed through a web browser or presentation software.

* A Digital Licensing Agreement is required for digital image orders. Click here to learn more.
fine art digital images
About Looking and Learning
Looking and Learning is a monthly pull-out section in SchoolArts magazine that you can immediately put to use in your classroom. Encompassing a wide variety of contemporary and historical art and architecture, this double fold-out poster features four important works of art, accompanied by a theme-based lesson plan that invites students of all levels to investigate, consider, explore, and create works of art.
Select the month or theme to view set details.
August/September Compassion
October Commemoration
November Humor
December Stories
January Place
February Time
March Fantasy
April Transformation
May/June Ecology
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