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Art 21: Art in the Twenty-First Century: Collection (Seasons 1-6) DVD


Meet the most dynamic visual artists of our time in the award-winning documentary series Art in the Twenty-First Century. Unparalleled in its access to today's artists, this unique series invites viewers into artists' studios, homes and communities to provide an intimate view of their lives, creative processes, and sources of inspiration. The twenty-four one-hour programs present groundbreaking artists of the new century at work and speaking in their own words--direct, accessible, and unfiltered--about how, why and what they create. Compelling and thought-provoking, Art in the Twenty-First Century takes viewers behind the scenes--and beyond the museum or gallery experience--to reveal how contemporary art can change how we see the world around us.

Seasons One through Five feature Closed Captioning.

Season Six features Descriptive Video for the Visually Impaired, and subtitles in English (SDH).

Tags: art 21, art21, art:21, PBS, contemporary art, DVD, high school
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