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Assessment in Art Education

Evaluates a wide range of performance assessment strategies

This text details and evaluates a wide variety of performance assessment strategies, from portfolios and art journals to integrated performance options. Traditional methods, scoring and judging strategies, as well as formative and summative assessment styles are all explored.

Available individually or as part of the Art Education in Practice Series. 144 pages, softcover

  • Scoring and judging strategies, and performance assessment strategies
  • Art assessment guidelines
  • Strategies on how to combine assessment with art instruction
  • Thorough explanation of educational assessment vocabulary and key concepts

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction to Art Assessment
  2. Performance Assessment Strategies
  3. Traditional Strategies: Tests, Questionnaires, and Visual Identification
  4. Scoring and Judging Strategies
  5. Formative Assessment
  6. Summative Assessment
  7. Art Assessment Guideline
  8. Validity and Reliability

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