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Catalog #: 022-3
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Student Book

A dynamic introduction to the building blocks of art.

Exploring Visual Design will teach students about the "grammar" of art and how people from other cultures and times have used a common visual language to express their own unique perspective. As students become fluent in this language, a wealth of studio opportunities help them find their own voice.

  • Captivating images from new art, architecture, and nature
  • In-depth profiles of individual artists and artwork
  • Informational interviews with professional artists
  • Samples of student artwork
  • Studio activities that promote collaboration and self-expression

Table of Contents


Part One: The Elements of Design
Chapter 1: Line
Chapter 2: Shape and Form
Chapter 3: Value
Chapter 4: Color
Chapter 5: Space
Chapter 6: Texture

Part Two: Principles of Design
Chapter 7: Balance
Chapter 8: Unity
Chapter 9: Contrast
Chapter 10: Emphasis
Chapter 11: Pattern
Chapter 12: Movement and Rhythm

Guide to Artists

Tags: Exploring Visual Design, The Elements and Principles, Student Book, Joseph A. Gatto, Albert W. Porter, Jack Selleck, Joseph Gatto, Albert Porter
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