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Teacher's Edition

A dynamic introduction to the building blocks of art.

Exploring Visual Design is an introduction to the "grammar" of art. Through this study, students learn how diverse cultures and times have used a common visual language to express their own unique perspective. As students become fluent in this language, a wealth of studio opportunities help them find their own voice.

  • Correlated to the National Visual Arts Standards
  • Chapter Organizers tailor instruction to your schedule
  • Concise, at-a-glance lesson plans
  • Full-size annotated student pages
  • Built-in Professional Handbook & Resource Guide
  • Art:21 Exclusive Videos

Table of Contents

The Exploring Visual Design Program
Scope and Sequence
Student Edition Pages

Part One: Elements of Design
Chapter 1: Line
Chapter 2: Shape and Form
Chapter 3: Value
Chapter 4: Color
Chapter 5: Space
Chapter 6: Texture

Part Two: Principles of Design
Chapter 7: Balance
Chapter 8: Unity
Chapter 9: Contrast
Chapter 10: Emphasis
Chapter 11: Pattern
Chapter 12: Movement and Rhythm

Guide to Artists

Professional Handbook and Resource Guide
Career Resources
Portfolio Planning
Professional Articles
Alternative Resources and Supplies
Safety in the Classroom
Art Materials
Art Suppliers
National Visual Arts Standards

Tags: Exploring Visual Design, The Elements and Principles, Teacher’s Edition, Joseph A. Gatto, Albert W. Porter, Jack Selleck, Joseph Gatto, Albert Porter
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