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Catalog #: 728-4
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Overhead Transparencies

Discovering Drawing

This newest addition to The Davis Studio Series is a visually dynamic and comprehensive resource covering all of today's drawing media. Students explore both realistic and expressive drawing techniques through stimulating hands-on studio opportunities, from basic to advanced levels.

12 transparencies illustrate fundamental skills and techniques.

  1. a) Drawing Concepts
    b) Student artwork, Landscape. Colored pencil.
  2. a-b) Study Drawing and Original Drawing
  3. a-b) Elements and Principles of Design
  4. a-b) How to Draw a Tree from Observation/Basic Shapes
  5. a-b) How to Compose a Still Life in Contour Line/Draw Drapery Folds, Shadows, and Highlights
  6. a) How to Organize a Landscape
    b) Student artwork, Landscape. Colored pencil.
  7. a-b) How to Use One-Point Perspective/Two-Point Perspective
  8. a) How to Draw the Eye
    b) Student artwork, Self-Portrait. Pencil.
  9. a) How to Portrait Basics
    b) Student artwork, Untitled. Graphite.
  10. a) Working with a Model
    b) Student artwork, Life Drawing. Watercolor, pencil.
  11. a) How to Animal Value Study
    b) Student artwork, What the Bones Know. Wash drawing with quill, sumi-e and India ink and acrylic.
  12. a) Optical Illusions
    b) Student artwork, Chandelier. Oil pastel.

Tags: Discovering Drawing, drawing, overhead transparencies, overhead transparency, high school, studio, Ted Rose, Sallye Mahan-Cox
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