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Catalog #: 638-5
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Overhead Transparencies

Beginning Sculpture

Beginning Sculpture explores traditional sculpting methods, as well as the latest tools and techniques. It covers a diverse range of media including wood, metal, stone, paper, clay, and mixed media.

12 studio transparencies illustrate fundamental techniques.

12 samples of student art encourage peer reviews.

  1. a) Sculpture Concepts
    b) Student artwork, Torso Flower. Plastic.
  2. a) Creating Abstract Sculptures
    b) Student artwork, Untitled. Alabaster.
  3. a) How To Join Two Pieces of Clay
    b) Student artwork, Combustion of Impetuous Secrets. Clay, glazes.
  4. a) How to Create a Portrait Bust
    b) Student artwork, Sylvia. White earthenware, acrylic paint, fabric, doll hair, glasses.
  5. a) Stages of Plaster
    b) Student artwork, Bow Wow McGruff. Newspaper, tape, plaster gauze, tempera paint.
  6. a) How to Patina Plaster
    b) Student artwork, Hands of Time. Plaster, copper patina.
  7. a) How to Carve Wood
    b) Student artwork, I Take Your Coat (detail). Wood, mixed media.
  8. a) How to Carve Stone
    b) Student artwork, Buffalo. Alabaster.
  9. a) How to Rivet Metal
    b) Student artwork, Big Bug. Steel, found objects.
  10. a) How to Hard Solder
    b) Student artwork, Skin and Skeleton. Nylon, brass rod.
  11. a) Student Installation Project
    b) Student artwork, Labyrinth. Installation, stones, grass, gold paint.
  12. a) Displaying Sculpture Objects
    b) "Visions" an exhibit by high school students.

Tags: Beginning Sculpture, sculpture, overhead transparencies, high school, studio, Arthur Williams
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