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Roots of Art Education Practice

A closer look at the origins of art education

Combining accepted ideas about art, children, and schooling, the author tells the story of art education practice a century ago. Readers will gain insights into the circumstances under which curricular practices originated, and will better appreciate the beliefs that shape art education today.

Available individually or as part of the Art Education in Practice Series. 146 pages, softcover

  • Meet the people who proposed and implemented the changes in the way art should be taught.
  • Gain insight about circumstances that caused numerous practices in education today.
  • Learn about the beliefs that support conventional practices in art education.
  • Discover the origins of the focus on elements of art and principles of design.

Table of Contents

  1. Anyone Can Learn to Draw
  2. Freeing the Child through Art
  3. Every Girl or Boy Wants Something to Do
  4. Every Day a Festival
  5. We Aim at Order and Hope for Beauty
  6. The Aesthetic Culture of Pupils

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