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Student Book

The Focus on Photography Student Book includes:

  • both traditional and digital photography
  • instruction on how to take photographs of a variety of subjects from landscape to portrait to animal photography
  • outstanding student examples
  • a wealth of professional examples from important historical figures in photography, such as Ansel Adams and Margaret Bourke-White, to the works of dynamic contemporary photographers, such as Jerry Uelsmann and Maggie Taylor.

Table of Contents
Chapter 1: What Is Photography?
Chapter 2: The Art of Photography
Chapter 3: Black and White
Chapter 4: Digital Photography
Chapter 5: Portraits
Chapter 6: Action Photography
Chapter 7: Photojournalism
Chapter 8: Architecture and Urban Landscapes
Chapter 9: Landscapes
Chapter 10: Animals
Chapter 11: Still Life

For news, insights, and musings on the art and craft of photography, check out Hermon Joyner and Kathleen Monaghan's, Focus on Photography blog.

Tags: photography, digital photography, portraits, landscapes, photojournalism, Hermon Joyner, Kathleen Monaghan, student book
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