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Catalog #: 362-9
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Thinking through Aesthetics

Easy-to-implement activities that build critical thinking skills

Designed to encourage your students to ask questions about art, this book features a wealth of specific activities that facilitate philosophical inquiry and develop critical thinking skills.

Available individually or as part of the Art Education in Practice Series. 128 pages, softcover.

  • Activities for philisophical inquiry
  • Activities for introducing and practicing skills
  • Strategies on generating questions for philosophical inquiry
  • Reproducible worksheets and activity pages

Table of Contents

  1. Philosophy, Aesthetics, and Children
  2. Aesthetic Theories and Philosophical Questions
  3. Wonder, Inquiry, and the Philosophical Dialogue
  4. Generating Questions for Philosophical Inquiry
  5. Activities for Philosophical Inquiry
  6. Activities for Introducing and Practicing Skills
  7. Philosophical Inquiry and the Art Curriculum

Learn about the digital edition of Thinking through Aesthetics.

Tags: Thinking through Aesthetics, Art Education in Practice Series, Marilyn G. Stewart, Marilyn Stewart, professional development
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