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More artwork from "One-Liners" by Nan Hathaway. You can find the studio lesson featuring this artwork in the January 2007 issue of SchoolArts.

All artwork by students from the Rocky Mountain School for the Gifted and Creative in Boulder, Colorado.

Adena Peckler, age ten, Hedgehog.

Brianna Thielen, age thirteen, Flamingo.

Cheney Masaki, age six, A Family of Tigers.

Cole Masaki, age eight, Cat.

Daniel Bernal, age twelve, Light Bulb.

Ethan Anderson, age nine, Dragon.

Frances Brown, age thirteen, Dragon.

Frances Brown, age thirteen, Hippopotamus.

Frances Brown, age thirteen, Horse.

Lindsey Quakenbush, age thirteen, Octopus.

Madeline Moore, age nine, Dragon.

Madeline Moore, age nine, Siberian Tiger.

Natasha Bawn, age ten, A Room.

Quentin Langley-Coleman, age eleven, Hippopotamus.

Quentin Langley-Coleman, age eleven, Dragon.

Tristan Smith, age six, The Empire State Building.

Adena Peckler, age ten, Cup.

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