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Online Resources
online resources
Each month, Davis will be adding to our resources based on your valuable input, so send us your suggestions! Right now, you can choose from art advocacy, grant information, artist birthdays, and useful K–12 art links, as well as state-specific resources, including lists of correlations of Davis programs to state and local standards.
Textbook Support
Interactive Lesson Planners for: Art: A Personal Journey, Art: A Community Connection, Art: A Global Pursuit, and The Visual Experience, Third Edition.

Let us know the type of web-based textbook support that you would find the most helpful.
State-Specific Resources
K–12 Davis programs correlated to state and/or local standards (by state or local request).

Let us know about state-specific resources that you would find helpful. (State Art Museums? Artists from your state? Other?)
Grants and Advocacy
National Standards
Quick access to the National Standards, K–12.
Art Links
Artist Birthdays
  • Come and check out our month-by-month list of Artist Birthdays.
  • Let us know if there is an artist not listed whom you would like to see.
Artist Biographies
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