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2014 Catalog
art education curriculum
Art Advocacy
Art Advocacy Resources
Advocacy & the Arts
Advocacy and Lobbying: Speaking Up for the Arts
Art Advocado: Art Advocacy for Educators
“Art for Art’s Sake,” by Ellen Winner and Lois Hetland in The Boston Globe, September 2, 2007
Arts and Language Arts Connections
The Arts and Social Capital (PDF)
Arts Stand as Core Component to Academic Success
Careers & the Arts
“Coaxing the Soul of the Nation Back to Life: How the New Deal Sustained, and Was Sustained by Artists” by Roger Kennedy in American Educator, Fall 2009 (PDF)
Education & the Arts
Five Steps to the Creative Process in Art, Writing, and Thinking
“Getting Past Either-Or, A Feasibility Study: Arts, Innovation, and the Role of Business Champions,” An Initiative of The Manufacturing Institute/National Center for the American Workforce, August 2008 (PDF)
Guggenheim Study Suggests Arts Education Benefits Literacy Skills (PDF)
How Creativity, Education and the Arts Shape a Modern Economy (PDF)
International Journal of Education & the Arts
National Assembly of State Arts Agencies
The Right Brain Initiative
Schools & the Arts
SchoolArts Magazine art advocacy article: The Empty Bowls Project
SchoolArts Magazine art advocacy article: Looking to the Future of Art Education
SchoolArts Magazine art advocacy article: Paws for Art
Sir Ken Robinson on Creativity in Education
Ten Lessons the Arts Teach
Themes in Art Education
Using Art Textbooks Effectively: Suggestions for Getting the Most from Art Textbooks
Why Art Textbooks?
Why Elementary Art Textbooks?
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